CPGE 2017-2018

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Cette section se destine à mes élèves du Lycée Buffon. 

Ressources bibliographiques, annales des concours écrits et rapports du jury, programme pour les deux années de CPGE, rappels sur la nature des épreuves, ressources vidéo en complément de mon cours, et remarques sur la notation, la grammaire et l’organisation du cours . 


BIBLIOGRAPHIE CPGE : DEUX MANUELS OBLIGATOIRES: S.M.A.R.T. réussir en classes prépa   +  Mémo Anglais B2-C1

General Bibliography

“As, painfully to pore upon a book

To seek the light of truth while truth the while

Doth falsely blind the eyesight of his look.

Light, seeking light, doth light of light beguile.”

Love’s Labour Lost, W.Shakespeare, Act 1 sc.1, 72-79.


Over the course of your preparation, you will need to acquire vocabulary for up-to-date English as we will be working on press articles, audio files and video documents. The textbooks below cover this requirement.


- S.M.A.R.T., Réussir en anglais en classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles, DELABY Guillaume, Ellipses Optimum, 2017 (24,50 euros). THIS BOOK CONTAINS ALL THE VOCAB, TRANSLATION, GENERAL KNOWLEDGE FOR YOUR TWO-YEAR PREPARATION

- Recommended : Anglais : Vocabulaire, Fromonot, Leguy, Fontane, Le Robert et Nathan, 2012. (If you need to refresh your everyday concrete vocabulary this might prove useful)

Recommended : The Vocabulary Guide, Daniel Bonnet-Piron, Édith Dermaux-Froissart, Nathan, 2015. (Everyday English and useful English to work on press articles)

Recommended  : The Big Picture, Vocabulaire de l'Actualité en Anglais, Jean-Max Thompson, Ellipses, 2014. (Reference work on business and professional English needed to read and understand press articles)


ϖ English language dictionaries

The following are online editions which are not as comprehensive as a hard copy but contain useful tools such a thesaurus, some synonyms/antonyms lists and some audio recordings of tricky words. It will prove useful over the holidays when you do not have a voluminous English dictionary at hand.

-The Oxford English Dictionary (UK) : www.oxforddictionaries.com (English definitions/ synonyms, ready-to-use articles on some main grammatical difficulties) 

- Merriam Webster (US) : www.merriam-webster.com (authoritative American English dictionary, handy thesaurus)

- Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (UK) : www.ldoceonline.com (up to date English AND many examples of word pronunciation)

- Collins (UK) : www.collinsdictionary.com (up-to-date English, a special section of ‘English for learners’ with simple definitions, a useful thesaurus)

ϖ Bilingual dictionaries

Online edition

-Larousse : www.larousse.fr (tab : dictionnaires) 

- Collins : www.collinsdictionary.com (tab : French )

Hard copy

-Le Robert et Collins Senior, Robert et Collins. (Concise and handy yet you might find it limited at some point.)

-Le Grand Robert et Collins, Robert et Collins. (The most comprehensive and up-to-date dictionary with its two volumes, ideal for idiomatic translations.) 


You will get a copy of a concise grammar made by a colleague. If you need more in-depth analysis you can use one of the following works. 


ϖ English Grammar

- Mémo Anglais (B2, C1), Elise Peizerat, Génération 5 Editions, 2016 (prix 5,90 euros)

- L’anglais de A à Z, Swan, Hatier, 2011. (essential tool to fix any grammatical problems and to make useful revisions) 

- Anglais : Grammaire, Marcelin, Faivre, Garner, Ratié, Le Robert et Nathan, 2012. 

- English Grammar in Use, Murphy, Cambridge University Press, 2012 (intermediate or advanced learners). 

- Grammaire raisonnée 2, Persec, Burgué, Ophrys, 2006.

- The Grammar Guide, Daniel Bonnet-Piron, Édith Dermaux-Froissart, Nathan, 2015. (Coherent and progressive organization, intermediate to advanced learners, exercises with corrigés are available.)

ϖ French grammar

-Bescherelle : La grammaire pour tous, Delaunay, Laurent, Hatier. 

-Bescherelle : La Conjugaison pour tous, dir. Delaunay, Laurent, Hatier.

PROGRAMME 2017-2018

PREMIERE ANNEE : 1-a à 5-d au maximum (20 thèmes)

DEUXIEME ANNEE : 6-a à 9-d au maximum (16 thèmes)

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1- The human being

a/ Mankind and family / Body, features, age, family circle

b/ Health and medicine / Prevention, ailments and diseases, handicaps, and cures

c/ Personality and relations/ Character features, Good terms, Love , Conflict

d/ Successes and failures / Problem solving, Action, Qualities and Weaknesses

2- Basic needs

a/ Eating and drinking / Agriculture, cooking, food basics, drinks

b/ In the household / Dwellings, rooms, parts, furniture, equipment and appliances,  housework chores, DIY

c/ City and Country / Landscapes, cities, buildings and places, shops, territorial equipment, development, city life

d/ Sports and Leisure activities / Sports , Training, Contests, Leisure

3- Learning

a/ Transport and tourism / Public transport, the road, air, sea, rail, tourism, holidays

b/ Education / The system, subjects, school life, success and failure, discipline

c/ the Media / Press, Radio, Television, Telephone

d/ the Internet / Computers, Mail, Internet, Concerns, Politics, and just for fun !


4- Arts, culture, analysis techniques

a/ Beliefs / Religion, architecture, philisophy, faith

b/ Writing / Books, drama and poetry, figures of speech, text analysis

c/ Music and cinema / Instruments, techniques, fame, the five senses

d/ Picture analysis/ Art, works of art, photo describing and interpreting

5- Science and Technology

a/ Fundamental sciences / Maths, Physics, Electricity, Chemistry, Biology

b/ Space and Earth exploration / Space, equipment, goals, movement

c/ Research / Research, engineering, applied sciences, R&D, computers and A.I.

d/ Genetics / Genetics, genetic engineering, controversy, euthanasia, abortion

6- Our pale blue dot

a/ Wildlife and resources / Wildlife, fauna and flora, agriculture, GMOs, fair trade

b/ Energy / Energy, saving, environment, pollution

c/ Climate change / Earth, weather, climate and natural disasters 

d/ Ecology / Recycling, action and innovation, environmentalism


7- Politics and Society

a/ Welfare / Wealth and poverty, welfare, solidarity, moral standards

b/ Equality / immigration,  racism, women’s rights, same-sex

c/ Crime and justice / crime, violence, guns, justice, death penalty

d/ Politics and power / Regimes, powers, politics, elections, UK and US institutions.

8- The economy

a/ Working life / Employment, skills, unemployment, unions , tensions and jobs

b/ Business, finance and trade / Economic systems, finance, money, trade, markets

c/ Consumption / Consumer society , consumption, advertising and marketing

d/ Globalisation / Globalisation, communication and language

9- International

a/ The world / Countries,  nationalities, demography, decolonisation, organisations

b/ Soft and hard power / Human rights,abuses, diplomacy, power, military

c/ Terrorism and warfare / Terrorism, war, warfare, weapons, nuclear proliferation 

d/ Intelligence : Services and strategies, activism, leaks, privacy

TOOLS - Language

a/ Irregular verbs

b/ A hundred selected irregular verbs

c/ False friends and cognates 

d/ A hundred differences between British and American English

e/ Most frequent mistakes

f/ Barbarisms

g/ A hundred linking structures

Rapports du jury

ANNALES écrits 2017

ANNALES écrits 2016